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Dilapidation surveys are usually employed when a tenant leaves a building and the landlord wishes to establish any losses as a result of the tenant’s breach.  These are what is referred to as a terminal dilapidation schedule however interim schedules can also be undertaken when the tenant is still in occupation. 

We have experience of both types of surveys in various sectors.

Schedule of Condition

Schedules of Condition are often confused with dilapidation surveys but are in fact the opposite end of the process.  Sometimes clients phone us and tell us they want a dilapidation survey when in fact they need a schedule of condition which establishes the benchmark condition of the building prior to lease.  So long as the schedule is properly referred to and attached to the lease this limits the tenants liability for dilapidations to that of no worse than the schedule of condition.  This way the tenant isn’t liable for repairs to a building that wasn’t perhaps in the best condition to start with!

Our schedules of condition are an easy to refer to tabular format which cross referenced photos so the situation can be established quickly.

Party Walls 

The Party Wall etc Act 1996 not only concerns actual party walls dividing neighbours but excavations and new walls on the boundary.  This piece of legislation allows surveyors to sort out practical matters without the need to refer to the courts or lawyers.  We have dealt with party wall disputes since the act was introduced bringing many years’ worth of experience in dealing with often difficult and sensitive situations.  

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